ACL Reconstruction Known as the ‘roller coaster of rehabs’ ACL injuries has long rehab time frames and can have plenty of ups and downs. It is important to have a physiotherapist who is experienced in rehabilitating these injuries.  At Rehab and Recover in Hull and Brough, we have rehabilitated professionals back to sport from injury and have a fully planned protocol, with researched targets ready for any ACL patient that walks through our door. 

We recommend the following: 1) You see us at least 4 weeks prior to your surgery for a pre surgical programme. Going into surgery stronger helps your chances of success post-surgery 2) See us the week before surgery.  We go through what we think is one of the most important processes and that’s your after surgery recovery. Education is so important and we believe that as a patient, going into surgery knowing what to do is so beneficial. It allows you to be prepared and often puts your mind at ease  After your surgery we go by 4 rules: 1) Control pain 2) Control Swelling 3) Gain range of Movement 4) Gain quad control  We will then give you short term goals at each treatment session to help you achieve your end goal 😊  Of course, we also have a return to run and return to sport protocol to help reduce your risk of re-injury!   

If you are awaiting an ACL reconstruction and want help from our specialist physiotherapy team, get in touch via email and one of our physios will get back to you.  Alternatively, click here, to book in our Hull or Brough Physio and Sports Massage Clinic 

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