Whether you are a professional sports person, sport is your hobby, you have got injured from work or you have had an accident at home, being injured can affect you in many ways... 
As a professional sports person, the physio room is the last place you want to be…you want to be on that pitch. Seeing your teammates perform well, whilst you’re sat in the stands can be hard to watch. You may be out of contract and you may think you need to be on the field as quick as possible to prove yourself. 
As someone who plays sport for a bit of fun or someone that has got injured from work or home, getting injured can have a consequence to your life style. It may stop you from going to work which can have an impact on wages, paying bills etc. It may stop you wanting to go out and socialize. Or having a injury or being in pain may stop you playing with your children, taking your dog for a walk or doing basic house work. 
There is certainly a lot more to an injury than just the injury itself. Its important you have people around you that listen, care and are understanding of you as a person. This is where we are here to help. 

How we can help 

As one of Hull and East Ridings Highly Rated Physiotherapy Clinics, at Rehab and Recover, we have the experience and the specialist practitioners to help you rehab your long term injury. Our experience in dealing with several injuries such as ACL reconstructions, lower back pain, hip replacements, knee replacements, foot and ankle pain, Achilles pain, shoulder pain will help you return to the activity of your choice. 
Don’t sit in silence hoping that ‘it will go on its own’. We see a lot of patients that do this and unfortunately come to us months later where the problem has got worse, had an impact in their life and should have gained help earlier. Get a specialist physiotherapists opinion at the R&R clinic and we can help you. 
We will be writing blogs on some of the injuries listed above with hope it gives you some injury advise. Alternatively, come and see us. 
If you want to discuss your injury with us, contact us via contact@rehabandrecover.co.uk 
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