Bio-Mechanical Screening 

Whether you want to improve yourself or want to be checked properly on your return to sport, we have the specialist practitioners and equipment to help you. 
Using Bio-Mechanical video analysis and Vald Performance Force Plates we are able to analyse data that is provided when testing patients to find out key pieces of information such as: 
Weight distribution between each limb 
Any balance differences between each limb 
Any landing abnormalities 
Strength and power deficits when comparing each limb 
Risk of re-injury 
We also have an isokinetic hand-held dynamometer which allows us to regularly test your strength. This helps us confirm whether you are getting stronger following our rehabilitation guidance and this measure (Force in Newtons) allows you to see your improvements too! 
Why risk returning to sport or leisure after a long time injured without being confident you have taken all measures possible to reduce your risk of re-injury? This testing package will help to find weaknesses present in injuries such as shoulder dislocations and ACL injuries. For more information, get in touch. 

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Have you sustained any of the above injuries or need help with another type of pain? Get in touch through our contact form and let us know how we can help. 
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