Are you injured or in pain? If so, an Initial Assessment with one of our Specialist Physiotherapist is reccommended. With years of experience in the profession, click the tab below to see some of the injuries we regularly assess and treat in the Rehab and Recover Clinic. If you want to know a bit more about what a Physiotherapy Assessment is like, continue reading! 
What to expect from your first Physiotherapy appoinment 
When you arrive to your appointment at the Rehab and Recover Clinic you will be welcomed by our Specialist Physio. You will sit down to explain your injury. Your Clinician may ask you a few questions to get a good understanding of what is wrong. Most importantly, we listen to you about you. Once the questions have been answered, you will then get assessed. 
For example, if you have hurt your knee, you will be asked to go on the physio bed, bend and straighten your knee, your physio may then do some special tests to have an idea of what is wrong. You will then be given treatment and a rehab plan. We will explain why we think you are in pain, and we will give you a rehab plan to do before your next booked session. If you have questions at the end, we will make time to listen to these. Your session will last approx. 45min-1 hour. 
What about follow up appointments? 
Once you have had your initial assessment you may be booked in for a follow up. This includes ongoing assessment and treatment with use of our state-of-the-art equipment. We have rehab facilities on site so you can do your rehab under our supervision. In addition, we also have outdoor running facilities so we can do change of direction and speed drills with you if required.  
Check out our full list of services to see everything we can offer on top of our Physiotherapy appointments! 

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Have you sustained any of the above injuries or need help with another type of pain? Get in touch through our contact form and let us know how we can help. 
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