Physio Initial Assessment & Follow up 

An initial assessment with a specialist physio, including initial treatment.  
Once you have had your initial assessmdnt you can be booked in for a follow up. This includes ongoing assessment and treatment with use of our state-of-the-art equipment. 

Exercise Classes and Groups 

Our pilates class will be lead by our qualified pilates coach, Eleanor. The classes will take place every Thursday at 730pm at Blackburn Social and Community Club where our Brough site is based. 
Look out for more exercise classes coming soon! 

Rehabilitation / Rehab Running 1:1 

Do you need help with your rehab plan? Do you want a professional to regularly monitor your rehabilitation so that you can be progressed appropriately? Book 1:1 guidance with our Rehab Team for long-term rehabilitation plans such as ACL injuries or shoulder reconstructions. We also have our grass pitches at Brough which allows us to progress ypu through stages of running. 

Massage Therapy 

There are many benefits to professional massage therapy, such as reducing muscle tension, improving circulation, reducing swelling, supporting recovery of soft tissue injuries, helping to reduce anxiety, improving sleep… and the list goes on!  
Sports Massage and Orthopaedic Lymphatic Drainage Massage is available. 

Return to Play Testing 

Why risk returning to sport after a long time injured without being confident you have taken all measures possible to reduce your risk of re-injury? This testing package will help to find weaknesses present in injuries such as shoulder dislocations and ACL injuries. The tests are carried out on professional sportspeople every day and make an enormous difference to how they return to play. This incredible package involves approximately 90 minutes of testing using specialised equipment and video analysis. Results will be sent via PDF to you and also your consultant if you wish, and a telephone follow-up to discuss results is included in the package. 

The Rehab and Recover @ Atropa Wellbeing Package 

The blood test by Atropa will be sent to a leading pathology laboratory, where it will be fully interpreted for you. This may help you with your performance in several ways, such as advising if you could be over-training. Furthermore, it is estimated that 12 young people die suddenly each week in the UK of cardiac abnormalities – sudden death syndrome or sudden cardiac death. In Italy, all children are screened prior to sporting activity, which has reduced numbers of sudden cardiac death by 90%. Any abnormalities shown will result in advice to see your GP for further cardiac investigation. 

Recovery Room - Hull 

Make use of our Recovery Room! 
In our recovery room we have a Dr Aktive Cryo Pro Machine, Pulsio Leg Compression Boots and a Recovery Massage Gun (Oh, and a TV + X Box to give you some Rest&Recovery.  
Our equipment will certainly help if you are injured or have just had surgery. Furthermore, it can aid you with your pre/post match recovery or after a hard training session!  
The Dr Aktive Cryo has a knee, shoulder, ankle and universal wrap which is ideal to use post Acute injury or after Surgery. This Cold Compression Therapy has been proven to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling which will certainly help healing! 
The Pulsio Compression includes state of the art air pressure compression technology up to 200 mmHg, delivering relief along four adjustable chambers from feet to thigh. This can significantly improve recovery time by maximising circulation and reducing muscle soreness. 

Home Visits 

Physiotherapy treatment in your own home. Home based physio may be of great help to those with mobility problems or long term conditions that affect mobility. 
It may also be also be of benefit to those who have recently had Orthopaedic surgery in order to transition into a clinic based setting, such as for hip or knee replacements. 


We have a number of different screening options 
1) Pre Season screening 
2) Biomechanical Force Plate Screen 
3) The Team Screen 
If you want to reduce your risk of injury or want advise on how to add certain exercises into your routine to improve performance then get in touch with us and we will guide you on the best screening option for you. 

The Performance Clinic @EDGE EPT 

Designed to make you feel like a professional athlete, this service takes the form of a thorough joint physio and strength & conditioning assessment. Chris (Our Lead Physio) and Paul Hatton (Lead S+C at EDGE EPT) have worked together at multiple professional sports teams for 10+ years. Now, they have teamed up for a once a month drop in clinic at The EDGE and we are proud to offer this service, that no one else in Hull can come close to offering! Please contact us for bookings. 

Orthopaedic Consultant 

Edwards Orthopaedics are available to provide their vast expertise. They offer several injections, including steroid, Ostenil, PRP and nSTRIDE. Furthermore, they are available for diagnosis of injuries and will work closely with the Rehab and Recover team to deliver a gold standard rehab journey. 

Get in touch  

You can find Rehab & Recover at Atropa Pharmacy, 299 The Ideal Business Park, National Avenue, Hull, HU5 4JB or At Blackburn Social and Community Centre, Prescott Avenue, Brough, HU15 1BB. 
Contact us today by calling 07490 161 017 or emailing 

Book an appointment 

Interested in one of our services or have questions about how we can help you to rehabilitate and recover following an injury? Get in touch through our contact form and let us know how we can help. 
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