The Rehab Triangle 🔼 
Having a team around you when you are injured is SO important. 
We have managed to find a photo from a few years back where our Director Chris was working with Paul Hatton and Andrew Edwards at Hull FC. Thankfully for our patients we all still have a fantastic relationship and work together now. Its the best thing for our patients and their recovery. 
Andrew Edwards is an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Paul Hatton is a Strength and Conditioner and then of course at Rehab and Recover we provide Physio and Sports Massage... 
So how does the relationship work? 
Case Study; Patient comes to Rehab and Recover with knee injury. Physio assessment suggests its a ligament injury e.g. ACL. Physio refers to Andrew Edwards who organises MRI scan. MRI confirms ACL tear and Andrew confirms diagnosis with Rehab and Recover. Physio then provides pre surgical rehab and education. Andrew operates on patient. Physio provides early stage of rehab and then works closely with Strength and Conditioner from mid to late stage to get patient as strong as possible. Communication between patient and THEIR TEAM remains throughout rehab process. Return to play testing is held at Rehab and Recover to try and reduce re-injury risk. 
If you are from Hull, Brough, East Riding of Yorkshire and want to work with us, get in touch. 
To enquire about a booking, feel free to email us 
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